Slovakia and SSA Related Panels at the November ASEEES Convention, Washington DC, November 17-20

ASEEES is coming up soon and as we usually do, we post here a list of all panels and events involving our members or the country that we study. If we have inadvertently omitted anybody or any panels, please let us know at

1-04 Polish Popular Culture (Roundtable)—Cabinet Room
Chair: Jozef Figa, Kaplan U

  • Thomas Anessi, Columbia U
  • Jolanta Wrobel Best, Houston Community College-Northwest
  • Mikolaj Kunicki, U of Notre Dame
  • Robert A. Rothstein (SSA) U of Massachusetts, Amherst

2-26 Borders, Authority, Myth-Making—Suite 209

  • Irina Denischenko, Columbia U: “De-centralizing Central Europe: Borders and Construction of Authority in Emigre Literature”
  • Valentyna Vasylova, George Washington U
  • (Re-)Shaping Ukraine – Moldova – Romania Borderlands: from Historical Provinces to Euroregions”
  • Leslie Marie Waters, UCLA: “State and Local Authority in Contested Regions: Southern Slovakia/Felvidék 1938-1946”

3-11 Folklore and Myth in Recent Slavic Cinema—Council Room
Chair: Rimgalia Salys, U of Colorado at Boulder

  • Birgit Beumers, U of Bristol (UK)
  • "New Russia’s Legendary Heroes: The Animated Blockbuster”
  • Alyssa DeBlasio, Dickinson College: “Folklore and the Slovak Blockbuster”
  • Tatiana Mikhailova, U of Colorado at Boulder: “Decentralizing Mythical Identity: Alexey Fedorchenko’s ‘Ovsianki’”

Disc.: Laura Olson, U of Colorado, Boulder

3-24 Mothers, Bathers, and Hookers: Images of the Body in Early 20th-century Czech Visual Culture—Suite 163

  • Cynthia Paces, The College of New Jersey: “Visions of Motherhood in the Czech fin-de-siecle”
  • Igor Tchoukarine, U of Sherbrooke (Canada): “The Visual Culture of Czechoslovak Tourism in the Interwar Period”
  • Karla Huebner, Wright State U: “Dívky & Panenky: Interwar Czech Images of Prostitution and Sexual Availability”

3-32 The History and Current State of the Rusyn Language: Variation, Fusion, or Both?—Suite 300
Chair: Patricia A. Krafcik (SSA), The Evergreen State College

  • Michael Moser, U of Vienna (Austria): “Rusyn and Ukrainian in Subcarpathia: The Interwar Experience”
  • Wayles Browne, Cornell U: “The Position of Vojvodina Rusyn”
  • Stefan M. Pugh, Wright State U: “Presov-Region Rusyn: Birth, Adolescence, and Growing Pains”

Disc.: Robert A. Rothstein (SSA), U of Massachusetts, Amherst

4-18 Jewish Experiences in Eastern Europe after 1945—Governor’s Boardroom
Chair: Marci Shore, Yale U

  • Anna A. Cichopek, Arizona State U: “Beyond Violence: Postwar Return of Jewish Survivors to Poland and Slovakia,1944-48”
  • Katerina Capkova, Osteuropa-Institut, Freie Universität Berlin (Germany): "Dilemmas of Minority Politics: Jewish Migrants in postwar Czechoslovakia and Poland”
  • Michael Liddon Meng, Clemson U: “Building a Socialist Memory on Warsaw’s ‘Cemetery of Ruins’”

Disc.: Zvi Gitelman, U of Michigan

4-32 Can the 2010 Hungarian Election be a Paradigm for the Whole Region?—Suite 300
Chair: Sharon Wolchik, George Washington U

  • Katalin Fabian, Lafayette College: “The Politics of Hard Times: Changes in the Hungarian Gender Regime”
  • Karen Henderson, U of Leicester (UK): “Changing Places? Nationalism and Authoritarianism in Slovakia and Hungary”
  • Tim Haughton, U of Birmingham (UK): “Hungry for More: the Popularity of Fidesz in Comparative Perspective”

Disc.: Jane L. Curry, Santa Clara U and Federigo Argentieri, John Cabot U / Temple U Rome Campus (Italy)

6-26 The Problem of Authorship in Central Europe—Suite 209
Chair: Meghan Forbes, U of Michigan

  • Nicholas Hudac, U of Chicago: “The Problem of the Slovak Director”
  • Esther Peters, U of Chicago: “Abdicating Authorship: Bohumil Hrabal and the Ethics of Writing”
  • Antje Postema, U of Chicago: “’Story Like a Shield’: Authorship as Anxiety in David Albahari”

Disc.: Daniel Webster Pratt, U of Chicago and Petra Hanáková, Charles U (Czech Republic)

7-01 Cultural Responses to the Holocaust in Poland and Central Europe #2—Ambassador Ballroom
Chair: Rebecca Katz, Morehead State U

  • Martin Votruba, U of Pittsburgh: “The Shop on Main Street: The Holocaust in Context”
  • Rachel F. Brenner, U of Wisconsin-Madison: “Warsaw Polish Writers-Diarists Witnessing the Holocaust: Maria Dabrowska and Aurelia Wylezynska”
  • Allan Patrick Reid, U of New Brunswick (Canada): “Confronting and Constructing Memory: Henryk Grynberg’s Drohobycz, Drohobycz”

Disc.: Elizabeth Ann Blake, Saint Louis U

7-13 National Identities and Transnational Relations: From the Danubian Monarchy towards the Nation-State—Director’s Room
Chair: Katherine David-Fox, U of Maryland

  • Anna Procyk, Kingsborough Community College, CUNY: “Political Thought and National Identity: The Impact of Nineteenth Century Polish Revolutions”
  • Zdenek Vaclav David, Woodrow Wilson Intl Ctr for Scholars: “Masaryk and United Europe”
  • Josette Angélique Baer, U of Zurich (Switzerland): "Political Realism or National Survival of the First Republic: on Vavro Srobar’s Czechoslovakism”

Disc.: Peter Bugge, Aarhus U (Denmark) and Francis D. Raška, Charles U (Czech Republic)

7-17 Imported Authority: The Cultural Politics of Literary Translation in Twentieth-Century Russia—Forum Room
Chair: Susanna Witt, Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, Stockholm U (Sweden)

  • Alexandra Smith, U of Edinburgh (UK): “Struggling against the Power of Ideology: Marina Tsvetaeva’s Theory of Translation”
  • Brian James Baer, Kent State U: “Reading Wilde in post-Soviet Russia or Is Wilde the New Nabokov?”
  • Alexander Burak, U of Florida: “The ‘Americanization’ of Russian Life through Translation in the 1960s-1980s”

Disc.: David L. Cooper (SSA), U of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

7-26 The Power of Russification: The Case of Ukraine—Suite 209
Chair: Alexei Lalo, U of Texas Austin

  • Alexandra Christine Wiktorek (SSA), Georgetown U: “Caught in the Middle: Rusyns versus Ukrainians in the Russian Media”
  • Volodymyr Chumachenko, U of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: “The ‘Russian Mir’ and the Reincarnation of ‘Homo Sovieticus’ in Today’s Ukraine”
  • Yuri Shevchuk, Columbia U: “Lost in Translation. Transliteration as a Tool of Imperial Appropriation”

Disc.: Leah Feldman, UCLA

7-27 Globalization and Regime Change: Lessons from the New Russia and the New Europe Revisited—Suite 215
Chair: Robin Remington, Peace Haven Intl

  • Robert K. Evanson (SSA), U of Missouri-Kansas City: “Czechs, FRG, and Sudeten Germans: Globalization, Codependency, and the Sudeten German Issue Today”
  • Byron T. Scott, U of Missouri-Columbia: “Corridor Eight: How Codependency and the European Union Dictate Change Across the Balkan Neck”

Disc.: Daniel E. Miller (SSA), U of West Florida

8-11 Culture and the State in ‘Stalinist’ Czechoslovakia—Council Room
Chair: Rachel Applebaum, U of Chicago

  • Hana Pichova, UNC at Chapel Hill: “Insult and Homage: Czechoslovak Gifts for Stalin’s Seventieth Birthday”
  • Shawn Eric Clybor, Utah State U: “Comrades deMedici? Cultural Patronage in Communist Czechoslovakia, 1949 - 1966”
  • Alice Lovejoy, U of Minnesota: “Institutions and Innovation in Czechoslovak Army Film, 1951 - 1958”

Disc.: Muriel Blaive, LBI EHP (Vienna, Austria)

8-13 The Catholic Church and Communist Authority in Central Europe during Periods of Revolutionary Upheaval—Director’s Room
Chair: Steven Merritt Miner, Ohio U

  • Papers: Sean Brennan, U of Scranton: “Father Fabian Flynn of Boston, Cardinal Jozsef Mindszenty of Budapest, and the 1956 Hungarian Revolution”
  • T. David Curp, Ohio U: “’Believers into Ayatollahs? Pragmatists into Persecutors?’ The PZPR, Solidarnosc, the Catholic Church and the Politics of Anti-politics before, during, and after 1989”
  • James Felak (SSA), U of Washington: “John Paul II Controls the New Poland: The Papal Pilgrimage of June 1991”

Disc.: Robert F. Goeckel, SUNY, Geneseo and David Doellinger (SSA), Western Oregon U

8-33 The Personalization of Slovak Politics: Populism, Nationalism and Governance (Roundtable)—Suite 315
Chair: Carol Skalnik Leff, U of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  • Tim Haughton, U of Birmingham (UK)
  • Karen Henderson, U of Leicester (UK)
  • Stanislav J. Kirschbaum, York U (Canada)
  • Kevin Deegan Krause, Wayne State U

Session 9
SATURDAY 10:00 a.m.-11:45 a.m.
Czechoslovak Studies Association - (Meeting) - Empire Ballroom

9-04 Friendship: The Evolution of a Leitmotif in Transnational Post-Stalinist Discourse—Cabinet Room
Chair: Vladislav M. Zubok, Temple U

  • Rachel Applebaum, U of Chicago: “Friendship in ‘The Soviet World’: The Quest for Knowledge and Mutual Understanding Between Soviets and Czechoslovaks in the 1950s and 1960s”
  • Nicholas Rutter, Yale U: “Friendly Conditions: China, USSR, and Post-independence Africa”
  • Zbigniew Wojnowski, U College London (UK): “A Matter of Soviet Pride: Soviet Travels in Eastern Europe During the 1960s”

Disc.: Patryk Babiracki, U of Texas-Arlington

9-05 Defeating Authoritarian Leaders in Post-Communist Europe: Authors Meet Critics (Roundtable)—Calvert Room
Chair: Pauline Jones Luong, Brown U

  • Georgi Derluguian, Northwestern U
  • Anna Grzymala-Busse (SSA), U of Michigan
  • Aida Hozic, U of Florida
  • Jelena Subotic, Georgia State U
  • Milada Anna Vachudova, UNC at Chapel Hill

9-13 Media and Identity in the Communist Bloc—Director’s Room
Chair: Tatjana Lichtenstein, U of Texas at Austin

  • Anna Bischof, Ludwig-Maximillians U (Germany): “Reaching the Hidden Audience. Western Broadcasting to Czechoslovakia (1950-1970)”
  • Stewart Anderson, Brigham Young U: “Pious Proletarians and Fascist Clerics: The Negotiation of Religious Identities on East German Television, 1956- 1983”
  • Carmen V. Krol, Cornell U Science & Technology Studies: “Radio and Television Solidarity: Attempts at Dissident Political Identity in Polish Media, 1980-1989”

Disc.: Karl William Brown, U of Texas, Austin

10-05 After the Spring: Addressing Everyday Problems in Post-Invasion Czechoslovakia—Calvert Room
(Sponsored by: Czechoslovak Studies Association)
Chair: Jindrich Toman, U of Michigan


  • Peter Bugge, Aarhus U (Denmark): “The Anguish of Comrade Bil’ak in Coming to Terms with Rock Music in Communist Czechoslovakia”
  • Jeremy King, Mt Holyoke College: “Socialist Ownership: Housing after the Prague Spring”
  • Owen V. Johnson (SSA), Indiana U: “Making Sense of What’s Happening: Slovak Mass Media, 1969-1989”

Disc.: Jonathan H. Bolton, Harvard U

11-24 Slovak National Identity: Who/Where are the Heroes?—Suite 163
(Sponsored by: Slovak Studies Association)
Chair: Daniel E. Miller (SSA), U of West Florida


  • Carol Skalnik Leff (SSA), U of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: “Anchoring National Identity: Contesting Historical Reference Points in Slovakia”
  • Susan Mikula Christie (SSA), Benedictine U: “Searching for a Modern Slovak Hero: Milan Hodza, Slovak Lazarus”
  • James Ward (SSA), DePauw U: “The Slovak Hero as a Lesser Evil: Jozef Tiso, 1887-1947”

Disc.: Martin Votruba (SSA), U of Pittsburgh

12-32 International Assistance: Lessons from the Balkans—Suite 300
Chair: Jon Western, Mt. Holyoke College

  • Jill A. Irvine, U of Oklahoma and Patrice McMahon, U of Nebraska - Lincoln: “American Aid to the Balkans: Lessons for Afghanistan”
  • Valerie Bunce, Cornell U and Sharon Wolchik (SSA), George Washington U: “When Democracy Assistance Works”
  • Jill Benderly, School for Intl Training/World Learning: “International Assistance, Local Impact”

Disc.: Andrew Konitzer, U of Pittsburgh and Julie Mostov, Drexel U

12-29 Utopia or Dystopia: Immigration and Emigration Patterns in Communist Czechoslovakia—Suite 263
Chair: Oldrich Tuma, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (Czech Republic)

  • Francis D. RaÅ¡ka, Charles U (Czech Republic): “A Clash of Visions: The 1948 and 1968 Czechoslovak Political Exile”
  • Ondrej Vojtechovský, Charles U (Czech Republic): "Political Emigrants in Czechoslovakia: Yugoslavs, Italians and Spaniards”
  • Kathleen Geaney, Charles U (Czech Republic): “The English-speaking Community in Communist Czechoslovakia in the 1950s”

Disc.: Karel Svoboda, Charles U (Czech Republic)

Session 13
SUNDAY 08:00 a.m.-9:45 a.m.
Slovak Studies Association - (Meeting) - Suite 153

14-16 The Shadow of Ethnic Cleansing in Post-War East Central Europe—Executive Room
Chair: Maria Todorova, U of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  • Andrew Demshuk, U of Alabama at Birmingham: “1970 and the Expellee Contribution to Ostpolitik”
  • Eagle Glassheim, U of British Columbia (Canada): “The Shifting Politics and Moralities of Rootedness: Rethinking Czechoslovakia’s Expulsions in the Age of Ecology”
  • Peter Polak-Springer, Rutgers U: “’Joyous Cleansing’: Celebrating Territorial Appropriation in Stalinist and Post-Stalinist People’s Poland”

Disc.: James Edward Bjork, King’s College London (UK)

14-32 Non-Alignment and the World Communist Movement—Suite 300
Chair: Veronica Aplenc, Rosemont College

  • Thomas Burgess, US Naval Academy: “Socialist Cosmopolitanism: Eastern Europe and the Construction of Knowledge in East Africa”
  • Ana Kladnik, Inst of Contemporary History, Czech Academy of Sciences (Czech Republic): “Rhythms of Africa and Cuba on the Dancefloors in New Socialist Towns: Visitors and Delegations in Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia in the early 1960s”
  • Johanna Bockman, George Mason U: “Yugoslav Experts in the Non-Aligned World: Peru’s Revolutionary Experiment, 1968-1975”

Disc.: Oscar Sanchez, U of Macau

15-09 Czechoslovaks and the Communist Authorities—Congressional A
Chair: Melissa Feinberg, Rutgers U

  • Kevin McDermott, Sheffield Hallam U (UK): “Czech and Slovak Popular Opinion in the Revolutionary Year, 1956”
  • Vitezslav Sommer, Inst for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes (Czech Republic): “Writing History and Doing Politics: Czechoslovak Party Historiography and the Communist Authorities in the 1950s and 1960s”
  • Jonathan H. Bolton, Harvard U: “Three Questions for the Study of Charter 77”

Disc.: Jeremy King, Mt Holyoke College

15-28 Moving Forward: Defining Past and Present as Progress—Suite 253
Chair: Owen V. Johnson (SSA), Indiana U

  • Jesse Murray, U of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: “Building Buryat: The Construction of the Buryat Language by Orthodox Missionary Linguists”
  • Harun Yilmaz, U of Oxford (UK): “Writing a National History for Kazakhs in High Stalinism (1945-1953)”
  • Melissa Chakars, Saint Joseph’s U: “Promoting Progress on Local Radio and Television Programming in Siberia”

Disc.: Thomas Wolfe, U of Minnesota