Membership Information

Membership Benefits
Over 100 scholars and others have joined the Slovak Studies Association over the last decade for the benefits that membership brings.
  • New tools for finding and identifying other members with similar interests, especially after completion of the next generation of the website
  • Eligibility for Slovak Studies Association prizes for books and articles.
  • Access to the ssa electronic discussion listserv
  • Invitation to the Slovak Studies Association’s annual meeting (held each year in conjunction with the national convention of the American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies (AAASS), of which the Slovak Studies Association is an affiliate).
  • The right to vote on organizational matters
  • Annual mailing (or emailing) of the Slovak Studies Association Newsletter
Things to Come:
Changing technology radically changes the benefits and costs of membership in an organization like ours. The costs and confines of ink and paper no longer apply and today's scholarly world puts a premium on transparency and access. The disadvantage of this change for an organization such as ours is that the services we provide cannot (and should not) be denied to non-members. We therefore recognize that an increasingly important reason for your continued membership is a sense of professional obligation and the broader benefits of increased visibility for Slovak studies. Simply put, we need you to join and your renew your membership not in order to receive the annual mailer but rather in order to help us build the profession. Members' dues and donations will help us maintain an active and highly functional website, sponsor high-profile lectures and fund seminars for graduate students and others at the beginning of their professional careers.

Membership Costs
Dues for membership in the Slovak Studies Association (SSA) are extremely low--$5.00 per calendar year--and the Slovak Studies Association board has voted to award "free" one-year honorary memberships to all approved new applicants, valid through the end of 2009. So go ahead and join and don't worry about paying until we contact you in December of 2009 about paid renewal for 2010.

How to Join
Joining the Slovak Studies Association is simple. Just complete and submit the Joining the Slovak Studies Association is simple. Just complete and submit the on-line membership form or download and print out the membership form in .pdf format, fill it in and send it to Brad Abrams, Slovak Studies Association, 36 West 74th Street Apartment 1B, New York, NY 10023, USA

How to Renew
We have also made renewal of your membership much easier. Current membership dues are $5.00 per calendar year. You may renew for as many years as you would like. We also encourage members to contribute a separate, additional amount to the Slovak Studies Association Prize fund and to make other contributions to the general fund. Since dues are so low, we strongly encourage a additional donations. We are seeking to endow our prize fund so that it may serve our members in the long run, and we hope over the coming five years also to endow a fund that would support an bi-annual Library of Congress Lecture on Slovak Studies or other similar public event. Your generosity will help make this possible.

You can renew your membership in the following way:
  • Send a check to Brad Abrams, Treasurer, Slovak Studies Association, 36 West 74th Street Apartment 1B, New York, NY 10023, USA. Be sure to include your name and contact information so that we can process the check correctly.