How to Do Research in Slovakia

Research in Slovakia may seem a daunting task even to those who know the country well. Fortunately there is an active and generous community of scholars and professionals who work on questions related to Slovakia and they have already made available many resources to make research easier and more productive.

Things to Come:
This page will house an ever-growing list of resources for scholars and would-be scholars of Slovakia, some generated by association members in the form of factsheets and wikipages, and other already existing resources on the web identified by association members.

The following links are publicly-generated references to resources related to research in Slovakia. Any user of the 'collective bookmark' service "" is free to add to this list by using the tag "slovakstudies" and therefore while the lists here are not selected, sorted or filtered by the Slovak Studies Association, they reflect a much wider variety than the association could maintain on its own:

How to Live In Bratislava Participants in the Fulbright Scholarship program in Slovakia and other residents of Bratislava maintain and occasionally update a public 'wiki' page that addresses many important aspects of life in Slovakia, particularly Bratislava: Wikiguides and maps to other cities in Slovakia are likely in the coming year.