How to Contribute Information

The Slovak Studies Association works because members keep one another informed. We invite--in fact we need--your contributions. We encourage everyone to submit information and articles for possible inclusion on the association's website and in its newsletter. We emphasize information and of an academic/scholarly nature in accordance with the stated purpose of the association: "to promote interdisciplinary scholarly research, publication, and teaching related to the Slovak experience the world over, to help scholars interested in Slovak studies be in contact, to sponsor panels and sessions on Slovak themes at scholarly conferences, to act as a clearinghouse for information concerning Slovak studies." We are happy to also consider publishing non-academic/non-scholarly information and materials as long as it relates directly to the field of Slovak studies.

Things to Come:
Major developments on this website will not only allow members to post materials by themselves but will simplify and strongly encourage posting in a variety of areas as a way of keeping members aware of scholarship and scholarly events. Until then, please consider the following recommendations.

Current Recommendations and Guidelines:
  • We ask that you submit materials in well-written, text-edited form so that our editors can insert the submission as is. We publish materials submitted in both English and Slovak.
  • We encourage to use, where appropriate, Slovak diacritics. If your word processor or email program does not permit diacritics, you may indicate them with other typographical characters (č as c~, á as a', and so on )
  • If you cannot submit materials electronically, please feel free to send them by post to our newsletter editor (but know that this process takes considerably longer), Carol Skalnik Leff, Professor, Department of Political Science, 240 Computing Applications Building MC-452, 609 E. Springfield, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL 61820, 217-333-3881
  • In rare instances of concerns over the appropriateness of submitted material, decisions rest with webmaster and secretary, with the association's executive board functionng as an editorial board.
  • If there are any quesitons about the appropriateness of material or any other concerns, we encourage you to contact us at